Academic Year 2023/2024

First Year

1st semester

Global Changes (3 ECTS)
Lecturer: Ricardo Trigo

Policies and Environmental Goverrnance (6 ECTS)
Lecturer: Catarina Fonseca & Filomena Magalhães

Geographic Information Systems and Science (6 ECTS)
Lecturer: Cristina Catita

Ecosystems Services and Bioeconomics (6 ECTS)
Lecturers: Filomena Magalhães & Alexandra Marçal

Ecological Sustainability (3 ECTS)
Lecturer: Alexandra Marçal.

Option (6 or 3+3 ECTS)
Recommended options:

Environmental Assessment  (6 ECTS)
Lecturers: José Lino Costa & Vanessa Fonseca

Ecological Modelling (6 ECTS)
Lecturers: Tiago Marques, Ana Sofia Reboleira & Susana França

Natural Risks (6 ECTS)
Lecturers: Cesar Andrade, António Brum da Silveira, Cristina Ponte Lira & Maria Rosário Carvalho


2nd semester

Natural Resource Management and Conservation (6 ECTS)
Lecturers: Filomena Magalhães & Isabel Domingos

Environmental Monitoring (6 ECTS)
Lecturers: Filomena Magalhães & José Lino Costa

Land Management (6 ECTS)
Lecturer: Catarina Fonseca & José Lino Costa

Seminars in Ecology and Environmental Management (3 ECTS)
Lecturer: José Lino Costa.

Audits and Environmental Management Systems (3 ECTS)
Lecturer: José Guerreiro

Option (6 or 3+3 ECTS)
Recommended options:

Integrated Pest Management (6 ECTS)
Lecturer: Teresa  Rebelo

Industrial Management and Safety (6 ECTS)
Lecturer: Maria José Lourenço

Ecotourism (3 ECTS)
Lecturer: José Guerreiro

Quality Control (3 ECTS)
Lecturer: Sofia Gabriel

Blue Economy and Entrepreneurship (3 ECTS)
Lecturer: José Guerreiro

Second Year

Project in Ecology and Environmental Management (3 ECTS)
Lecturers: José Pedro Granadeiro & José Guerreiro

Dissertation/Intership in Ecology and Environmental Management (57 ECTS)